Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dance Ribbon

Ribbon for Dancing

This week I thought we would focus on music activities. Little Sweets had a wonderful time at her music and movement class at the library. Now that it is over I thought we could try some activities at home. Little Sweets enjoyed dancing with scarves at the library so I decided to make a dance ribbon for her. I took the plastic ring off of the top of my olive oil bottle and tied long pieces of ribbon to the ring. Little Sweetsholds onto the ring and twirls it around and dances with it. This was so simple to make and Little Sweets absolutely loves dancing around with it. I used the ring from the olive oil bottle because that was all I had. You can substitute the ring with a key ring, shower curtain ring, plastic bracelet or anything else around the house that you might think would be appropriate.

Note: Please supervise children when doing this activity. I am always cautious with ribbons, yarn, and string. Little Sweets use to like to wrap thing around her neck when she was little so I try to be careful when doing activities likes these. I supervise her when she uses her dance ribbon; please supervise your children I don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Resource fun.familyeducation.com


  1. We just had a ribbon dance party last week!

  2. You've received an award on my blog!


  3. Following from MBC http://youthfultips.blogspot.com :)

  4. Do you remember something called Ribbon Dancers or something along those lines? They were basically the same thing, but sold at a store. Making your own ribbon to swing around sounds life fun! My girls would enjoy that!

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