Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farm Activities

Little Sweets has a growing interest in animals so I thought it would be fun to study farm animals this week.

Farm Animal Stickers

Little Sweets just loves stickers!! She had a lot of fun with this activity. I pealed off the stickers and handed them to her to put on the farm page. Before I handed her the sticker I would ask her what the animal is and what sound it makes. She put the stickers on the page and later pealed all the stickers off and put them on her shirt.

Coloring Fun

Little Sweets asked to color so I printed out a farm picture for her to color.

I found some laminated animals that I had used when I taught kindergarten and thought I could use them for a sorting activity. I was surprised at how quickly Little Sweets caught on to what I was doing. With some assitance she was able to sort the animals. By the time daddy got home from work Little Sweets was able to sort the animals all by herself.

Looking at Some Fun Farm Books

I've decided that I am going to make a basket for the theme of the week and put books in it that go along with that weeks theme. Little Sweets and I went to the library and picked out some fun farm animal books to put in the basket. We also included some farm animal books we had lying around the house.

Painting with Water

I found some paint with water farm pictures and let Little Sweets paint the picture.
Farm Puzzles

We have 3 farm puzzles that Little Sweets got to play with. I sat next to her and asked her to find a paticular animal and to show me where it went. She also told me the sound that animal makes. Little Sweets loves puzzles so this was really fun for her.

Playing with her Farm Animal Set
This was the farm animal set my brother and sister had when they were little. Little Sweets loves playing with the farm set. She would tell me the animal sounds when she was playing with the different animals


  1. What a fun week!!! Farm animals are always a hit here too.

  2. What a fun week! I love the animal sorting activity :-)