Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bathtub Finger Paints Made From Free Hand Soap

This Weeks Fun Frugal Find-Free Softsoap Hand Soap

This week I was able to get soft soap for free at Publix thanks to the Southern Savers website. You can see how here. When you get to the bottom of the page under the subtitle home you will see where you can get the coupon for free soft soap. Remember Publix doubles coupons. So if you don’t have the 50 cent coupon, you can use the 40 cent coupon and the bottle will only cost you 20 cents. I can always use soap, especially with having a little one who likes to get messy. But as I was researching ideas for upcoming activities I came across a neat recipe that I wanted to share that uses liquid soap. The recipe is for homemade bathtub finger paints. The ingredients you need to make the finger paint is 2 tablespoons of liquid soap, 1 tablespoon of cornstarch, and a drop of food coloring. Mix all the ingredients together and it’s ready to use for bathroom finger painting. The finger paints can be stored for several weeks. Your child can paint on his or her body or on the bathtub wall. The paint will rinse off easily. This activity can used to teach children about colors and color mixing.

Finger Paint Recipe Resource:


  1. very cool I think I'll try thanks for sharing!

  2. Char, Love this idea! My son even at eight still like to do things like that in the tub. I'm going to make some for him tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  3. this is great. I will definitely going to have to try this.