Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Homemade Book Making

It was a very busy weekend. I will update you with some of the activities we did throughout the week. Today I am going to share about book making. While I was reading a story to Little Sweets I got the brilliant idea to make my own book. The book we were reading was Who’s at the door? Little Sweets absolutely loves this book. She walks around the house saying knock, knock when she wants to hear it. Since she likes the book so much I decided to make my own knock, knock book.

These are the materials I used to make my own book
Card Stock (I used white)
Hole Puncher
Construction Paper
Contact Paper
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Stick

Instructions to make your own book
Fold your card stock in half so it looks like a card.
Use a hole puncher to punch 3 holes in the folded card
Line your next piece of card stock up with the piece that already has the holes in it and repeat step 2
After you have finished punching holes in the cardstock put the pieces inside each other so they look like pages in a book.
Cut a 3 pieces of yarn about 4 inches long
Thread the yarn through the holes and tie them in bows.

You can write your own story or have your child write their own story in the book. I found that making books out cardstock last longer then simply stapling paper together.

The book I wrote is quite simple to read. On one page I wrote the words; knock, knock and who is at the door. There is a door on the other page. When you open the door you see a picture of a family member and their name. I use this book in helping with learning extended family members names. It has worked out well. Gracie enjoys looking through the books. (I had to make 3 different books because she has so many relatives)

The doors I made inside the book were very simple to make. I printed off pictures of family members from the computer and pasted them onto construction paper. Then I pasted a picture of a door on the other side. Next I covered the construction paper with contact paper and cut out the door and picture. I folded the construction paper and used hot glue to attach it to the book.

Just as a side note if you are making anything out of paper that you want to save, cover it in clear contact paper. It’s similar to laminating just not quite as durable.

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  1. I make books too - when I first saw that picture I did a double take because it looks so much like ours! :) I laminate pages and take photographs of our family and turn them into a story. Then I hole punch and tie with yarn. I made the first book almost 2 years ago and it is still a favorite.