Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More fun with contact paper

Little Sweets loves to feel things with her feet. One of her favorite books is a book called Little Feet Like…. As you read the book your child is suppose to touch the pages with their feet. Because Little Sweets loves to feel things with her feet, I thought she might like to walk on the sticky side of contact paper. I put the piece of contact paper on the floor for her to walk on and instead she laid down on top of it and rolled around. She thought it was great fun. She may not have done what I had wanted her to do, but it was still a great sensory experience for her.


  1. Oh what a little darling and what fun.

  2. How cute!! I really like your blog!

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  3. I so need to go get some of this contact paper your little one is so cute I think my son would have done the same lol thanks for stoping by my blog following from MBC

  4. This is Blessing following from MBC!!!!

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