Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tot School- Summer Randomness Week 1

I haven't really been keeping up with an organized tot school time this summer.   Here are some pictures of fun activities we have been doing during the day.   

Little Sweets playing with her alphabet game.

Little Sweets playing  a shape matching game I made for her birthday party.  The shapes have velcro on them and she has to match the shapes together.  She also identifies the shapes while she plays this game.

Dancing with friends at her birthday party.

Little Sweets pouring rice into a bottle.  We used the bottle as a maraca.

Working on her gross motor skills as she plays on the swingset in our backyard.  I can't believe she can climb the ladder to the slide all by herself. 

Little Sweets at the botantical gardens. 

Little Sweets loves the fish at the zoo. 

Little Sweets has been into trains.  We took a train ride at the zoo.

Little Sweets playing with her baby doll.  She is really into playing with dolls.  She loves to feed, dress, push them in her stroller and put them down for naps. 

Little Sweets playing in the sprinkler.

Little Sweets washing her baby in her sensory tub.

Little Sweets ran through the sprinkler as we watered the garden.

Little Sweets working on her fine motor skills as she sorts her beads by color. 


  1. It looks like you did lots of fun activities :)

  2. Looks like a great week! I love the washing the baby in the sensory tub!