Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tot School Summer Randomness Week 2

Little Sweets is 24 months old

I've decided not to do theme's this summer.  We are still going to try to do tot school activities, but we will probably do some review with activities we've already done as well as add some new activities.  Here are pictures from this weeks activites.

Coloring Rigatoni Noodles
Little Sweets helped mommy color some rigatoni noodles.  We put a few drops of food coloring in a bag.  Then put noodles in the bag and shook the noodles up. Then we let the noodles dry on a paper towel.  We will use the noodles for sorting activities as well as lacing activities.

Lacing Noodles onto Pipe Cleaners
Little Sweets loved putting her rigatoni noodles on pipe cleaners.  She matched the color of the noodles with the color of the pipe cleaner.  This was the perfect lacing activity for her.  The other activities I've done with her seemed to be too difficult.  I am glad she enjoyed this activity. 


My Little Sweets loves to pour.

Putting Noodles into a Cheese Shaker

Little Sweets worked on her fine motor skills as she put the noodles into the little holes.  We had to break the noodles in half because she didn't like them sticking out of the container.  Afterwards, she stood up and shook the container.

Color Matching Game

I made this game for Little Sweets so she could practice identifying her colors and sort pictures by color.  It was super easy to make.  I printed out the color names from the computer, glued them to the corresponding piece of construction paper.  Then I laminated the construction paper so we could reuse it.  I also put pieces of velcro on the mat and on the back of the pictures.  Little Sweets had trouble with the velcro so I let her place the picture on the mat without using the velcro.  


  1. Fun week! I love the color matching activity you made!

  2. What a sweet little girl you have! I love the idea of lacing noodles with pipe-cleaners- We'll have to try that!