Monday, July 12, 2010

Tot School Summer Randomness Week 3

Tot School
25 months

I haven't been feeling the greatest lately so we haven't done much tot school.  I am a few weeks into my second trimester and am starting to feel much better. Hopefully, we will start to get more activities in.  Here are some activities from Friday and Saturday.

Little Sweets has really enjoyed pouring things.  I decided to let her pour oats as a sensory activity.  This was super messy and I am still finding oats all around the play room and in other parts of the house.  Little Sweets really enjoyed the activity so it was totally worth the mess.

Little Sweets took a bowl of oat to her table and pretended to eat.  She poured some for me too.

Pattern Block Fun

Little Sweets got pattern blocks for her birthday.  The patterns that came with the blocks were a little too difficult for her so I made my own patterns on our copy machine.  She placed the block on top of the picture and we talked about the names of the blocks.  When she gets older I plan on using the cards to help teach patterns.

File Folder Color Match Game

I picked up the some color pockets at the dollar tree and decided to use them for a file folder game.  I had Little Sweets place the colored Popsicle sticks in the pocket that was the same color as the Popsicle stick.

File Folder Shape Matching Game

Little Sweets placed the correct shape on top of the shape on the file folder.  I used Velcro to help keep the shapes in place.

Dancing and Making Music

We put on some fun music and Little Sweets danced around and made music with her maraca and homemade shaker.

Monkey Joe's

It has been super hot here, a heat index of 105.   I thought it would be fun if we could find an indoor playground.  I came across a place called Monkey Joe's.  They have tons of inflatables for children to play on.  Little Sweets had fun, but I think we will wait until she is a little bigger to go back.  She was too scared to go on things by herself.  Daddy spent a lot of time with her on the inflatables.  : )

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Tot School & I am so glad I did. I've enjoyed taking a peek at your blog & your family & now I'm following you:). I love how so much of what you write about focuses on God!!