Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tot School Summer Randomness Week 4

Tot School- 25 Months Old

Shape Sorting Activity

I bought these foam shapes at Target in the dollar section and the tray from the dollar tree.  I gave Little Sweets the foam shapes and she sorted the shapes by color and shape.  She also identified the shapes.

Shape Identification Game

I am not really into flashcards, but Little Sweets absolutely loves these Dora shape cards.  She found them on the shelf and asked to play with them.  She is able to identify all of the shapes on the cards.  The cards also include patterns, but she doesn't quite understand patterns yet.  I found these cards in the dollar section of a craft store. 

Block Color Sort

This was another Target dollar section find.  Little Sweets sorted the counting cubes by color.  She loves sorting and does an excellent job.  She is still working on identifying her colors.  If she doesn't know the color then she'll say it's green.

Lining Up Blocks

When she was finished sorting, she lined up the blocks on the windowsill. 

Block Patterning Cards

I made block patterning cards.  Right now Little Sweets is matching up the blocks with the correct color.  I also talked a little bit about the pattern on the card with her. 

Mommy and Daddy Puzzle Cards

Little Sweets has taken an interest in letters lately. I thought it would be fun to make a letter matching game that spelled out familiar words.  I pasted my picture next to the word mommy and my husband's picture next to the word daddy.  (I also made a card with Little Sweets name.)  Little Sweets matched the pictures and the letters on each mat.  We said the letters together as matched them up.  I thought this would be fun way to learn letters and familiar words. 

Playing with her Dolly

Little Sweets loves playing with dolls. Here is a picture of her taking a dolly grocery shopping. 

Bible Activity-Jesus Calms the Storm

I recentlly bought the book More Toddlerific Fun Faith-Builders to use as a Bible Activity Curriculum.  I used the boat and pictures from the curriculum to tell the story of Jesus calming the storm.  Afterwards, we used watercolor paints to paint a storm. 

We Love Books
I don't always post about the books we read during the week, but we are constantly reading.  We go to the library every week.  I can't stress enough the importance of reading with our children. 

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  1. My daughter is really into her doll and shopping cart now too. They are so cute to see!

  2. She is working so hard! I love her little determined face. :)
    Thanks for sharing about the Bible curriculum you use- we're always looking for fun ideas to teach our little ones about God.

  3. I love the shape sorting activity. It's a nice way to combine shape and colors. How did you explain her to do it? Did you fill it space with one shape? Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Patricia. I filled each space with one shape and showed Little Sweets what to do by pointing to the correct place to put the other shapes. I only had to show her where 1 or 2 shapes went then she could do it by herself. We also talked about what each shape was. She knows her shapes so it made it the game easier. She really enjoys sorting activities.