Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tot School Letter "B" Activities

Letter "B" Activities
(26 months)

Last week we were potty training, but we did manage to do some tot school activities.  Our letter of the week was the letter "B."  Here are some of the activities we did for the letter "B."

Math Activities

Sorting Balls by Color

I know these are actually pom poms but they are shaped like balls and my daughter calls them balls so I decided to use them for our letter "B" activities.  Little Sweets sorted the balls by color.  I also tried to help her identify the colors as she sorted.  She still thinks everything is green, but we will continue to work on colors.

Sorting Balls by Size

This bag of balls had three different shapes.  Little Sweets had no trouble sorting the small balls, but she mixed the medium and large balls together.  They were similar in size which made the task more difficult.  She had fun with this activity, she really enjoys sorting.

Fine Motor Activities 

Placing Balls Inside a Plastic Bottle

Little Sweets loved this activity.  She placed all of her pom pom balls inside the plastic bottle. She had me empty the bottle several times so she could repeat this activity.  (FYI if you do this activity it is difficult to get the balls out and may take some time, especially if you use the larger pom pom balls.)

Building with Blocks

Little Sweets really enjoyed making towers with her blocks and then knocking them over.

Math/Fine Motor Activity

Counting/ Matching Game

I made these sport ball matching cards on my copy machine. Little Sweets matched the sports ball erasers to the number cards.  We also counted the balls on the card.

Dramatic Play with Bugs

Playing with Bugs

Little Sweets enjoyed playing with her bugs.  She did use some baskets and try to sort them, but she also played with them in the kitchen area and cooked them up for dinner.  (I wish I had a picture.)

Language Arts Activities

We put up the letter "B" on our letter wall and added the magnetic letter "B" to our alphabet tree.  Little Sweets found the letter "B" in words as we read.  We also spent time reading alphabet books and other fun books that Little Sweets loves.  I believe reading to your child is one of the best things you can do to prepare your child to learn to read. 

Other Fun Activities

Painting with Water Colors

Playing with Shaving Cream

Trying to Look Like Daddy

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  1. Oh- how cute- love the picture with shaving cream & trying to be like Daddy! :)

  2. Great activities. hows potty training going?

  3. What a fun week! I love the last picture so cute!

  4. Thanks everyone. Potty training is going great. It took a few days, but Little Sweets has really gotten the hang of it. I tried for 2 days and was going to give up, but I gave it one more day and that was the day she went on the potty all day. She's had a few accidents here and there, but other than that she's done great. My trick on the third day was to play a dora CD while she sat on the potty. She just wasn't sitting long enough to go. Oh and I cut up fruit snacks into little pieces and she gets two pieces if she goes.