Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tot School Letter "C"

Letter "C"
26 months old

This week we worked on some letter "C" Activities.  We also continued with potty training and Little Sweets has done fantastic.   : )

Language Art Activities

 Letter of the Week Alphabet Cards
Each week we put up the letter of the week on the wall. Little Sweets reviews the letters that on are on the wall throughout the week. Here she is finding the letter "C."

Tracing the Letter "C"
I drew the letter "C" using a highlighter. I helped Little Sweets trace over the letter with a darker colored marker.

Read-alouds and Laptime Reading

We read lots and lots of books together.  Little Sweets loves to sit on mommy and daddy's laps and just listen to stories.  She also likes to get a big pile of books together and lay on the floor reading them.

Math and Fine Motor Skills

Caterpillar Fun

I made caterpillars on the computer and printed out the pictures. Then I glued them to note cards. Each caterpillar is made up of a different number of circles. I wrote the number of circles on the corner of each card. Little Sweets put circle stickers on the circles that made up the caterpillar. Then she counted the stickers afterwards and I showed her the number

The note cards I made.
Little Sweets putting the circle stickers on the caterpillars. (She is working on her fine motor skills.)
Little Sweets showing mommy her caterpillar.  She was very excited.

Little Sweets counting the number of  circles on her caterpillar.

The finished note cards.

More fun with Caterpillars

I pulled out the caterpillar pattern cards that we worked on during our bug unit.  You can print out a copy for yourself by going here.  You may need to enlarge the caterpillars  depending on the size of your pom poms.  Little Sweets matched the pom poms to the colored circles on the caterpillar.  This was a great activity to use to work on her fine motor skills as well as matching.  I also showed her the color patterns on the caterpillars. 

The caterpillar cards.

Little Sweets placing the pom poms on the cards.   
Art/Fine Motor Activity

Cookie Cutters and Playdough
Little Sweets had fun using cookie cutters to cut out playdough cookies.  She also enjoyed just playing with the playdough.  Playdough is great for building children's fine motor skills.

Little Sweets loves coloring.  She is coloring a Dora picture in this picture.

Cotton Ball Sheep to go with our Bible Story
One of the stories we read from Little Sweets Children's Bible was The parable of the lost sheep. (Matthew 18: 10-14)  After we read and talked about the story Little Sweets covered a sheep that I had cut out with white cotton balls.  She enjoyed this activity, but wanted to wash her hands every few minutes because the cotton would stick to her fingers.  : )

Other Activities

Language Arts Matching Game

Little Sweets matched the letters from her alphabet puzzle to the letter cards on the wall.  She thought it was so much fun that she asked to get more cards out so she could do more matching.  She loves this game and plays it almost everyday. 

Little Sweets matching a letter to the cards on the wall. 

Other Cards and letters that she matched.

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  1. I like your sticker caterpillar, and I will be saving your sheep activity for when we get to that parable.


  2. I love that you are a week ahead of me it helps a lot..glad PT is going good Hev still refuses

  3. What fun activities!! She is learning so much!

  4. How fun! We are on "C" this week, I love the caterpillar activities! So cute!

  5. We did C this week too. She did a great job tracing her Cs. My tot cannot do that. LOL

    We have that same issue when using glue and cotton. Guess what's on the agenda for tomorrow? LOL

  6. thanks for the caterpillar pattern cards i love them!

  7. I left you an award =)