Friday, March 4, 2011

Tot School 33 months- Letter " H" Activities

Letter "H"
33 months

Letter "H"  Book
Little Sweets got a box of books as a gift.  Each book in the box has one letter on it and on each page it has a picture of something that starts with that letter.  Little Sweets loves looking at these books.  We started our tot school lessons by looking at the letter "H" book.  Little Sweets told me what the pictures were and we talked about the sound the letter "H" makes. 

Letter "H" Picture Sort
Little Sweets helped me identify pictures that start with the letter "H." 

Patterning with Heart Erasers
I picked up these heart erasers in the dollar section at Target. I made different patterns with the erasers and Little Sweets told me what the pattern was and added more erasers to extend the pattern. 

Visual Discrimination
I picked up this bulletin border at the dollar store.  I cut up one piece of border and had Little Sweets match the cut up pieces to a piece that was uncut. 

Hand Puzzle
This is a cute puzzle.  Each puzzle piece has a number on it that matches the number of dots on the puzzle board.  Little Sweets counted the dots on the puzzle board and then matched it with the correct puzzle piece. 

Stamp Number Cards
I wrote different numbers on index cards and Little Sweets stamped hearts on the cards. (I made circles to help her put the correct number of stamps on the card.) 

Size Sequencing Using Hand Stencils
I traced everyone's hand in our family.  Then I cut the hands out.  Little Sweets put the hand stencils in order from largest to smallest. Little Sweets loved that the hand stencils were made from her family's hands.

I picked up these foam hearts last year at the dollar tree.  I made a graph and Little Sweets added the hearts to the graph.  Little Sweets told me how many red hearts, purple hearts, and pink hearts were on the graph.  The we talked about most and least.

Ideas from other Blogs and Websites
Letter "H" Hunt
I found this activity here.  Little Sweets circled the "H"'s on the page.   

Capital and Lowercase Sort
I found this on the confessions of a homeschooler blog.  You can get the activity here.  Little Sweets sorted the capital and lower case "H"s.

Size Sequence
I also found this at the confessions of a homeschooler blog.  You can get this activity here.  Little Sweets sorted the hearts largest to smallest. 

Another fun activity was playing dress-up.  A day doesn't go by that Little Sweets hasn't put on her dress-up clothes.  She is wearing dress-up clothes in most of the pictures. 

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  1. Great job to Little Sweets on the heart patterning! Great week! Kerri

  2. LOVE your creative use of the bulletin board border!! You have lots of fun ideas, and you had a GREAT week!

  3. What a fun week! I really like the stamping cards. I may have to make some up. The hand size sequencing is such a cute idea. :)

  4. That puzzle is so neat! Where is it from?

  5. Thanks!! I actually don't know where the puzzle is from. We got it as a gift. It came with 2 other puzzles; alphabet puzzle and a number puzzle.