Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tot School Letter I

Tot School- Letter I
33 months

I is for inch worms
Little Sweets enjoyed sorting inch worms by color and size.  She also put the worms in order from biggest to smallest. 

Counting and Number Recognition
Little Sweets counted the worms on the sheet and matched them with the correct number.  I found this activity at COHS here

Sorting Capital and Lower Case I's
I found this activity here at COHS.

Character Trait- Helpfulness
This week we talked about being helpful and having helping hands.  We read the story of Ruth and talked about how she helped Naomi. We talked about how God wants us to help others. We also talked about having helping hands we used the hand we had traced from last weeks lessons and wrote different ways Little Sweets helps mommy.

Calendar Time and Morning Board
Little Sweets and I have started doing morning board and calendar activities together.  I will put up another post describing the activities. 

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