Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun Frugal Fouth of July Crafts & Activities

Fourth of July Crafts & Activities

I got this idea from this website .  We will be going to a Fourth of July parade and I thought these would be fun for Little Sweets.  She is already enjoying them.  They were simple to make you can get directions here.

Glitter Glue Fireworks
Little Sweets enjoyed making fireworks with glitter glue. She needed a little help.  She had a hard time squeezing the right amount of glue out. 

Patriotic Star
I cut out a star shape and put it on contact paper.  Little Sweets put pieces of ripped up tissue paper on the contact paper.   I love contact paper the projects are endless.

Coffee Filter Firework
I got this idea from the website  You can see more of their Fourth of July crafts here.  Little Sweets colored with washable markers on a coffee filter and then sprayed it with water.  We tried cutting it to look like a firework. 

Firework with Pattern Blocks
Little Sweets loves pattern blocks so I tried to make a firework shape for her.  I copied it on my printer and Little Sweets matched the blocks to the picture. 

Star Shaped Sensory Activity
I made these star shaped ice cubes from an ice cube tray I got at the dollar tree.  Little Sweets loved playing with the ice.  She really liked picking up the ice cubes with a spoon.  We went through a whole ice tray of ice cubes in one sitting.  I think this was her favorite activity. 

Glitter Glue Star
Little Sweets love the glitter glue so I cut out the shape of a star and she decorated it with red and blue glitter glue. 


  1. Hi Char,
    Andrea here from Jada Roo Can Do. I love those fireworks! great idea. I may have to try that out with the kiddos. I am now following your blog:)

  2. Great activities. I love the star shaped ice.

  3. Very cute holiday crafts! Hi! I am your newest follower from MBC. Would love a visit and a follow back: Thanks!

  4. So many different, fun and creative ways to celebrate fourth of July.

  5. I love the contact paper idea! And star-shaped ice-cube trays...I totally want some of those! Looks like a very fun 4th!