Monday, August 8, 2011

Appropriate Learning Time for Preschoolers

Appropriate Learning Time For Preschoolers

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I have been asked by several of my friends who are homeschooling what I think is an "appropriate learning time."  I have been pondering this question and I think it is different for every child.  Each child has a different attention span and different interests.  I think the most important thing is to help children develop a love for learning.  Be careful not to exasperate your children and don't get caught up in comparing your child to others.  All children are different and excel in different things.  My advice is to make learning fun and engaging, especially when you are working with young children.  If your child looks bored or disinterested then stop what your doing. You may want to come back to the activity at another time or scrap it all together and try a different approach to teaching the concept .  Remember to evaluate your motives.  Are you teaching them this because little Sussie down the street has mastered this task, or are you doing this because is developmentally appropriate for your child at that time? (Always remember what may be appropriate for one child may not be for another child.)   Think about the activities you are doing and try to be creative and do activities that revolve around the interests of your child.  The best part of homeschooling your children is that you know your child best and can develop lessons and activities that will match their interests and attention level. 


  1. I completely agree! Children are like sponges and learn no matter what they are doing, especially when it's fun!