Monday, October 31, 2011

Preschool Week 11 (October)

Preschool Week 11
Little Sweets- 40 months old
Little Peanut- 9 months old

Sorting and Graphing Skittles

This was one of the activities she did at her preschool science class.

Playing with Stacking Cups

Painting on the Easel
This was also an activity she did at the preschool class and I am so glad it was in the classroom and not in my house.  The teacher put koolaid in the paint so it smelled nice for the kids.  It was part of their senses unit. 

Science Experiment
Little Sweets stirred epsom salt into water and poured it onto paper.  In two weeks when she goes back to her class the water will be evaporated and only the salt which will look like crystals will be on the paper. 

Color by Sight Word
I got this activity here.

Cutting and Pasting
Little Sweets cut strips of orange paper and glued it in a pumpkin stencil.

Numbers and Pattern Blocks

Little Sweets told me the number in each shape and covered it with the correct pattern block.

Fishing For Sight Words and Numbers
I wrote sight words on metal lids and Little Sweets fished for them and read the words to me.

Writing Letters in her Kumon Workbook

Reading and Pasting a Sentence
I got this activity here.
Pumpkin Carving

Shared Reading
This stared as a guided reading lesson, but I decided to change it to a shared reading lesson.  Instead of having Little Sweets read the book to me I had her echo me as I read.

Journal Activity
I would love it if Little Sweets would draw in her journal, but she really isn't into drawing so I am trying to come up with other activities.  The story was about animals so she picked an animal she liked glued the picture, wrote, I and labeled the zebra (ZBRU) for Zebra.  We stretched out the word zebra together. 

Counting Pumpkin Seeds

Pouring and Scooping
Little Sweets did this activity for a long time and over several days. 

Outside Play
It was beautiful outside so we played outside.  It looks like summer in this picture.  I think it's because this tree's leaves turn color so late, the other trees in our yard have lost their leaves. 

Little Peanut

Little Peanut would love to be held all day long so I just bought an Ergo Carrier and absolutely love it. 


  1. So many neat activities! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Wow! What a fantastic week! It looks like they had so much FUN! LOVE it!