Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tot and Preschool More Christmas Activities

Tot School and Preschool
45 months and 11 months

Sight Word Christmas Tree
I wrote some of Little Sweets sight words in the shape of a Christmas tree.  She read the word to me and then placed a dot on the word.  

 Fun with Flour
We've been making lots of Christmas Cookies and Little Sweets loved playing in the flour so I turned it into a sensory activity.

 Christmas Tree Sequencing Activity
Little Sweets put the pieces of paper in order from largest to smallest to make a Christmas tree. I saw this somewhere and thought I pinned it, but I can't find the link now.

Christmas Tree Dot Art
Little Sweets decorated her tree with dots.
Ornaments in a Bowl
Little Peanut made noise and had fun pulling the plastic ornaments out of the bowl.

What's in the Bag?
Little Peanut loves pulling things out of bags and purses so I gave her a bag full of toys.

Reading to Baby Sister
This was so cute Little Sweets decided to read to Little Peanut.
 Christmas Patterns
Little Sweets extended the pattern. 
 Color Mixing and Painting with Shaving Cream

 Lights at the Zoo

Roasting Marshmallows

Our Christmas Gifts to the Grandparents
Homemade Coasters
Here is a post about them if you want to read more about them. 

Sledding Down a Plastic Hill
We live in the south and actually paid to go sledding down a plastic hill.  I know it's a little ridiculous but Little Sweets enjoyed it.  

Coloring Mixing with Colored Water
I got the idea here.

We measured how tall Little Sweets is using legos.   
 OSU vs. USC Basketball Game

Little Sweets Recital


  1. Looks like a fun week. I love the picture of Little Sweets reading to Little Peanut. I think my daughter would love to make a Christmas tree with shaving cream - is it just food colouring in shaving cream?

    My two girls are nearly the same age as yours (just over 4 years and 10 months) so look forward to hearing more about what you are doing with your children.

  2. Thanks, Yes it is shaving cream and food coloring.