Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tot/Preschool Christmas Activities

December Tot/Preschool
Little Sweets and Little Peanut 
42 months and 10 months 

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Size Sequencing
Little Sweets put the pictures of baby Jesus in order from largest to smallest.  You can get the printable for this activity and the next activity here for free.

Picture Puzzle
Little Sweets put this nativity scene picture together.  The numbers helped.

Sight Word Lotto
Little Sweets read the sight word card and if it was on her lotto card she covered it up with a cheerio.  I made blank lotto cards and laminated them.  I write the sight words we are working on with dry erase marker.  

Christmas Light Patterns
Little Sweets extended pattern.

Calendar Time
I made a new calendar.  Little Sweets asks me everyday what we are doing so I made icons and she helped me put them up on her calendar.  Now she can look at her calendar to find out the day at what we are doing.  This was a great way to make calendar time meaningful to her.  

Sight Word Christmas Trees
Little Sweets read the sight word and matched the letters to make Christmas trees.  You can get the printable here.

Lacing Christmas Stockings
I found some stockings for lacing in my old teaching materials.  Little Sweets really enjoyed this activity.  

I made some Christmas tree printables for Little Sweets.  You can get them for free here.  Here are some of the activities we did with them.

Counting and Number Matching

Matching Colors Using Skittles

Most and Least
Little Sweets compared trees and told me which tree had the most ornaments and which had the least.

Numerical Order
Little Sweets put the trees in order from 1-10

I also made these for Little Sweets but used clipart from Microsoft so I decided not to publish them.
Little Sweets matches the picture on the tree with the correct word that is on the trunk.

Learning Throughout The Day Through Play

Little Sweet is always learning.  Her learning is not limited to our sit down learning time.  I try to use all of our time together as learning time.  Here is an example of  how I integrate learning into play to make it a more meaningful experience for Little Sweets.  She loves dramatic play and we were playing with her dolls.  I wrote this letter and pretended Belle could not read it.  Little Sweet read the note to Belle.  I helped her with the words Dear Belle, ball, and Beast.  She read all of the other words because they are her sight words and she has them memorized.  Then she helped Belle write Yes back to the Beast.  We stretched out the word and she wrote the sounds.  Belle was so excited to go the ball so I introduced the exclamation point and Gracie made one in her letter.  

We tried to make an icee in our machine but, it didn't work.  The water did get cold and some turned to ice, but I didn't have the patience to crank the handle for an hour.  

Little Peanut opening a box.  She usually plays with the bell inside.

Little Sweets teaching Little Peanut how to sign "more"

 Little Peanut pulling up to stand.


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun this week! Little Sweets' hair is gorgeous! Stopping by from Preschool Corner.

  2. What a fun week at preschool =-) And love the name of your blog!! I wanted to invite you to link up at TGIF linky party -
    Merry Christmas,
    Beth =-)