Thursday, February 9, 2012

Preschool/Totschool Valentine's Day


Little Sweets 3 1/2
Little Peanut 12 months

Sight Word Fun
Little Sweets opened up the hearts and read the sight word inside the heart.  I picked up the hearts from the dollar tree.

Fine Motor
I picked these up for Little Peanut, but she is still too little for this activity.  Little Sweets enjoyed putting the sticks in the holes.  I got the heart sticks from the dollar tree.

The following activities are examples of the Valentine's math printables for Little Sweets.  You can get them here.

Heart Puzzle

Most and Least Cards
Little Sweets put a clothespin on the box with the most or least hearts.  It depended on the instructions she was given.

Heart Graph

Ordinal Number Practice

Heart Addition Cards
Little Sweets put a clothespin on the answer to the addition problem.

Border Game
I cut a strip of boarder and Little Sweets had to match the pieces to another piece of border.

I wrote Sight Words on hearts.  Little Sweets read the words and covered them with them with plastic hearts.

Sequencing Activity
We got this activity from confessions of a homeshooler
.  Little Sweets put the hearts in order from largest to smallest.

Little Peanut pulled heart ribbon out of a wipes box. 


  1. Very fun activities! We have doen some of the same ones this week. I enjoyed watching my boys open and close the plastic hearts.

  2. Cute activities! My little ones are 3 1/2 and 9 months, and I love your ideas for including the younger one in the learning process.

  3. Wonderful blog. I've grabbed your button for my Linky page and linked to your party. Hope you can visit me sometime.